Ex-John Edgar Ferrari goes to Pebble Beach Concours 2012

Classic Driver, the every-Friday weekly on-line magazine based in England, has published in today’s issue my feature article on the 1955 Ferrari 410 Sport chassis number 0598CM. Raced to fame by Carroll Shelby (pictured), the Scaglietti-bodied spider powered by Scuderia Ferrari’s 24-plug Lampredi V12 and originally built expressly for Juan-Manuel Fangio, was sold by the factory as a customer car to John Edgar in August 1956, when Shelby started putting fast mileage on it. Carroll called this “The best Ferrari I ever drove” and won with it time after time during the two years he raced it for my father. For an up-close and personal look, the car will be at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, shown for judging by owner Roger Willbanks. To read more about it now, click on http://www.classicdriver.com/uk/magazine/3200.asp?id=16236

P.S.  Willbanks did it! … Meaning he drove 0598CM in Thursday’s Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance, and how cool it was for the ol’ 4.9 Ferrari racecar to be part of the pack! And on the Concours lawn it attracted many to stop and look and ask about the 1955 battle wagon’s past when in the hands of McAfee, Shelby, Ginther, Hill, Kessler, and more, while judges looked to other competition Ferraris in class for restoration perfection. In race history 0598CM forever remains a winner.

Ferrari 410 Sport 0598CM with owner Roger Willbanks (left, behind car) and Rinsey Mills, author of the 552-page hardcover book “Carroll Shelby, The Authorized Biography” published in 2012 by Motorbooks in the USA and by Haynes in the UK.

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