Reg Pridmore profiled in latest BIMMER magazine

Reg Pridmore

Reg Pridmore, legendary motorcycle racing champion and riding teacher.
Photo by William Edgar

Reg Pridmore, motorcycling’s three-time AMA Superbike Champion and founder of CLASS Motorcycle Schools, is the subject of my 5-page “An Expat’s Finest Hour” profile article in the latest issue (May 2014) of BIMMER magazine.  This crossover “Beemer” motorcycle-oriented story in a leading car mag about BMW changes focus from 4 wheels to 2 in detailing the ongoing activities of “Rego” Pridmore from early motorcycle racing in native England to his arrival in America and becoming the first AMA Superbike National Champion in 1976 riding a BMW R90S boxer-twin, followed by two more consecutive AMA Superbike National titles won on Kawasaki 4-cylinder bikes in ’77 and ’78. Pridmore soon after created his famous CLASS Motorcycle Schools, continuing to this day with 14 riding school dates at race circuits across the U.S. scheduled for 2014. Says Pridmore about his motorcycling life told in this popular BMW automobile magazine, whose editor is Jacqueline Jouret, “She managed to get a bloke like Pridmore interested in reading a car magazine, which is really hard to do. I don’t get into car mags very much, but this one I went page to page.”

To read Pridmore’s story in this most recent issue of BIMMER, subscribe to or buy the hardcopy print magazine, or go directly to my article online at:

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