When Ferrari racing cars came to 1950s America!

“THE FOUR HORSEMEN: An inside look at America’s quartet of leading FERRARI sports car racing teams in the 1950s, recalled by an author who was there in period” is the title and sub-head of my feature article in Vintage Motorsport magazine’s Jan/Feb 2017 issue currently in circulation. The four “Prancing Horse” principals are, alphabetically, John Edgar, James Kimberly, Antonio Parravano, and John von Neumann. The era/place is mid-20th Century United States and its offshore venues in words and photographs from when customer Ferraris were the latest and often greatest on our nation’s road racing and airport circuits. Read of the cars, owners and drivers in this 7-page time travel! Photo by John Edgar [To purchase a large photo print of this image (minus embedded title & caption), please see Contact page and email me.] 



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