Vintage Racer Ned Spieker in Nov/Dec 2018 Vintage Motorsport

This guy—real estate doyen Warren E. “Ned” Spieker, Jr.—loves vintage racing, today combining his earned track talent and résumé of entrepreneurial successes to continue doing it with what he dubs his “Red Brigade” of three Italian cars wearing respective factory Rosso paint. Gorgeous, fast and gratifying, they were built by a trinity of kingly marquees. From Ferrari—the 1961 SEFAC Competizione 250 GT SWB 3.0-liter V12.  From Maserati—this pictured 1957 4-cylinder 200SI 2.0-liter Spider with Spieker at the Wheel (the article’s title). From Alfa Romeo—the 1964 four-cylinder 1.6-liter Giulia TZ in Zagato Kamm tail bodywork. In addition to his hot Italian trio he owns and races Formula Jrs., Lotus 23s, a Lola MK2, plus ultra-rare BMW-powered Frazer Nash High Speed. Ned’s enthusiasm never lifts, aiding him to be high-points finisher in the Formula Junior World Tour of 2008-9. The 5-page story by William Edgar is about 74-year 0ld Spieker’s life in business and on the world’s most famous racing circuits, featured in the coming Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Vintage Motorsport magazine. Photo by William Edgar 

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