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  1. Lee Branch. Ph.D says:

    Great John. A beautiful angle which captures the styling beautifully.
    I have many good memories of Rollie Free but in his post Vincent years.

    I would appreciate knowing the street corner location of Rollie’s gas station at the time your dad and Rollie became acquainted.
    Can I presuming the ‘Flying Red Horse’ logos on the Vincent would indicate Roller was a vendor of Mobil products?

    Keep the great effort going: much appreciation your way!

    Lee Edw. Branch.

    Hollywood High: 1951

    • Hello Lee Branch. My father was John; I’m William. The Richfield gas station that Rollie Free managed at the time he and John Edgar met was on the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood. Looks like we graduated high school the same year. Mine was the Harvard School class of 1951 in the San Fernando Valley. I’m pleased that you like the Edgar Motorsport website. All the best to you, William Edgar

      • Lee Branch says:

        Thank you, William, for the info re Rollie’s service station location and that it was Richfield that was dispensed. Thank you for sharing your memories of those years of our youth.

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