About Edgar Motorsport

Motorsport journalism and photography comprise a major focus of Edgar Motorsport, while my Edgar Motorsport Archive continues to maintain an extensive collection of period motorsport photographs.

The Edgar Motorsport Archive contains many hundreds of sports car racing pictures from the golden era of the sport during the 1950, like this page’s banner photo of Carroll Shelby after winning the SCCA National at Palm Springs in November 1956 (that’s runner-up Phil Hill watching actor Susan Cummings pour the bubbly into Shel’s trophy).  This “EMA” image collection began with my father John Edgar’s own photographs and those he gathered and kept during his years as a pioneer and major team owner in American sports car racing following World War II.

This legacy has been carried forward by adding to my father’s collection, and by bringing in new photographs from my own work and others.  The result is a varied and extensive selection that has been made available for media use on a license fee basis for a number of years now.

Edgar Motorsport photos, archival period and original contemporary, have been used by:

Automobile – Autoweek – Car Graphic Japan – Cavallino – Checkered Flag 200 – Cycle News – Forza – Free 2 Wheel – General Racing’s Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races (Programs & Displays) – HSR West (Programs) – Men’s Journal – MBI Publishing Company – Petersen Automotive Museum – Rider – Road & Track – Speed Age – Spirit of America – SportRider – VeloceToday.com – Vintage Motorsport – Vintage Racecar Journal – Brock Yates – Brown Fox Books – Dalton Watson Fine Books – Willem Oosthhoek & Michel Bollee – Screen Icons – Warner Brothers – Bimmer – Excellence – Goodwood Festival of Speed Program – The Quail Motorsports Gathering  Program – Octane – Art Evans’ “Paramount Ranch Remembered” – The Robb Report Collection – Robb Report Motorcycling – Classic Driver – MG Enthusiast – The Classic MotorCycle – Fabulous Fifties Newsletter – Sports Car International – Tony Adriaensens’ “Weekend Heroes” – Jerry Hatfield’s “Flat Out” – Auto Aficionado – John Lamm’s and Chuck Queener’s “Ferrari” – Al Moss’ “The Other Moss” – 2008 Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours on the Avenue Event Program – iMOTOR UK – Corvette (Ross Periodicals) – RPM Auto Books – American Riviera Magazine – Sports Car Digest – Classic & Sportscar – Gooding & Company – Riverside Raceway/Spry Publishing – The Official Ferrari Magazine/Conde Nast UKMuseo Ferrari Maranello.

For inquiries, please contact William Edgar at Edgar Motorsport.

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