American Sports Car Racing in the 1950s (the book)

By Michael T. Lynch, William Edgar, Ron Parravano

Hardcover, 10×10, 172 pages, Illustrated Black & White and Color
Published October 1998

As this book’s co-authors, Lynch, Parravano and I won the Motor Press Guild’s 1998 Dean Batchelor Award “in recognition of outstanding achievements by automotive writers.”  Since then, the critically acclaimed work has sold widely throughout the world.  Carroll Shelby writes in his foreword: “I was afraid nobody would write about how much fun we had racing sports cars back in the ‘50s, let alone go out and find pictures of it and put it all in one book. The book that Lynch and Edgar and Parravano have done is the best of what can be printed of that era.”

Vintage Racecar Journal called it “a stunning study of not only the history of sports car racing in the 1950s, but also of the people and personalities that shaped the future of American racing.” Classic Cars (UK) termed it “a wonderfully informative and absorbing companion.”  Motor journalist David Seibert wrote in FCA’s Prancing Horse: “You’ll love the photos, you’ll learn from the text, and I predict that it is the book which will stay on your desk or night table rather than be tucked away in a bookshelf.”  In Automobile, Larry Crane commented: “American Sports Car Racing in the 1950s could be a five-volume set, but for the moment that title is worn by a wonderful book about a few of the most important teams from America’s first generation of professional road racers and the world they inhabited and entertained.”

We, the authors, put our hearts, souls and personal motorsport backgrounds into this and are continually pleased with what sports car racing people say about it.

Left to right: Ron Parravano, William Edgar, Michael T. Lynch, co-authors of “American Sports Car Racing in the 1950s” at the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance in Carmel, California. Photo Bob Peters, Edgar Motorsport Archive.

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