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The 2014-15 Museo Ferrari Maranello “CALIFORNIA DREAMING” Collection.

In early March 2014, Museo Ferrari Maranello [MFM] representative Federica Casinieri contacted me at my Edgar Motorsport Archive [EMA] asking for 1950s period Ferrari-themed photographs to serve as large murals in MFM’s “California Dreaming” exhibit celebrating the factory’s California T road car launch and Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary in America. Photographer Nicolas Jeannier [www.arthomobiles.fr] was at MFM in November 2014 and shot this picture of my EMA image (center, two Ferraris & woman in swimsuit w/flags: 1956) as backdrop mural for this displayed 1964 winner of Nurburgring 1000km Scuderia Ferrari 275/330P  s/n 0820 co-driven by Ludovico Scarfiotti & Nino Vaccarella.

Photo by Nicolas Jeannier at Ferrari Museo Maranello 2014

The following ten reference-numbered images were licensed by EMA to MFM for one-time wall display during Ferrari’s “California Dreaming” attendance-setting exhibition that ran for one year, 2014-2015.  Ferrari claims MFM’s visitors total around 180,000 annually.

Ferrari historian Michael T. Lynch states that the Edgar Motorsport Archive photographs seen at MFM were “an honor befitting the Edgar family’s contributions to Ferrari history.”

The EMA-produced prints offered here are signed (if requested) by me, as curator of EMA, and are accompanied by my signature Letter of Photographic Provenance detailing the individual photograph’s history and the image caption as they appear below these images.

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PS Flags-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-1] November 1956. Miss Palm Springs California, Stephanie Bruton, with Jack McAfee (left) and Carroll Shelby, respectively in John Edgar’s #78 Ferrari 375 Plus s/n 0396 AM and #98 Ferrari 410 Sport s/n 0598 CM. Shelby fought a race-long duel with Phil Hill’s Ferrari 857 Sport to win the first SCCA National at this Palm Springs Airport Circuit on November 4, 1956. The Ferrari 375 Plus, seen here in re-bodied Scaglietti form after its original Pininfarina body was destroyed, was the first factory team Ferrari to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans overall, in June 1954, driven then by Jose Froilan Gonzalez and Maurice Trintignant. 

PS Race-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-2] November 4, 1956. Carroll Shelby in John Edgar’s 4.9-liter #98 Ferrari 410 Sport s/n 0598 CM leads Phil Hill in George Tilp’s 3.5-liter #2 Ferrari 857 Sport s/n 0570 M during the day’s Palm Springs Main Event, which Shelby won overall a half-second ahead of Hill after a race-long duel between the two drivers in which Hill was able to pass Shelby three times during this 30-lap sports car contest in the desert near Los Angeles. 

Nassau Ferraris-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-3] December 1956. Nassau, Bahamas. People, left to right: Alfonso de Portago, his wife and fashion model Dorian Leigh, Edgar Team Chief Mechanic Joe Landaker, Masten Gregory, and two others not fully seen to identify. Cars, left to right: John Edgar’s 3.5-liter #88 Ferrari 857 Sport s/n 0588 M and 4.9-liter #98 Ferrari 410 Sport s/n 0598 CM. 

Rubirosa-SB-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-4] September 1954. Porfirio Rubirosa (yellow polo shirt) leans on his 4-cylinder 2.o-liter #235 Ferrari 500 Mondial s/n 0438 MD at the Santa Barbara Road Races. Sports car racer and tuner Ernie McAfee (bald) confers with “Rubi” during a pre-race practice session, as Rubirosa glances at a stopwatch in his right hand. Rubirosa placed 8th overall in the main, while accompanied that weekend by his race date, actor/socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor. Immediately after the races, Rubirosa sold his Mondial to Ferrari aficionado John von Neumann.  

Zsa Zsa-SB-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-5] September 1954. Hungarian-American actor and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor at the Santa Barbara Road Races where she accompanied Porfirio Rubirosa as his date for the weekend, seen speaking here with a race official. At the time single, Gabor had recently divorced English actor/author George Sanders; her other 8 marriages, before and after Sanders, included a hotelier (Conrad Hilton), politician, banker, attorney, designer and film executive. Born in 1917, Gabor is now 99.

Chinetti-RA-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-6] September 1957. U.S. Ferrari factory agent Luigi Chinetti Sr. at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin’s “Road America 500” race weekend with the 3.4-liter #41 Ferrari 860 Monza s/n 0602 M, which he brought to the venue to serve as a race practice car for Phil Hill (background, no-helmet profile, speaking with red-clad Ferrari 290 MM s/n 0616 M co-drivers John Kilborn and Howard Hively) until the late arrival of Ferrari 315 Sport s/n 0684, owned by Gene Greenspun, that Hill would drive the 500-mile road race to a solo victory.  John Edgar, who shot this picture with his Rolleiflex, maintained a long-time business relationship with Chinetti in bringing Ferrari sports cars to North American racing in the 1950s.   

Mexico 375 Plus-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-7] November 1954. Driver Jack McAfee (left) and navigator Ford Robinson, seated in John Edgar’s #1 Ferrari 375 Plus s/n 0396 AM (purchased through Luigi Chinetti, Sr.) at Manhattan Beach, California, the day before the car was trailered to Mexico to compete in the 5-day 2000-mile fifth annual La Carrera Panamericana from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas to El Paso, Texas, at the U.S.-Mexico border. A gear in the car’s differential seized during the very fast first leg of the race while approaching Oaxaca, causing the Ferrari to crash. Robinson was killed; McAfee survived. The Pininfarina body that the car wore earlier in 1954 when it won at Le Mans was destroyed, and would later be replaced with new coachwork by Scaglietti in Italy.   

Gurney-PS-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-8] April 13, 1958. Dan Gurney (far right), on his 27th birthday, has just won the SCCA Main overall at Palm Springs, California driving Frank Arciero’s #69 shortened-wheelbase 4.9-liter Ferrari 375 Plus s/n 0748 AM upon which Gurney is jubilantly seated. Gurney defeated early race leader Carroll Shelby, who was driving John Edgar’s Ferrari 410 Sport s/n 0598 CM, in this significant “changing of the guard” victory. People, left to right: Frank Arciero, Frank’s son, Skip Hudson, 1957 Indy 500 winner Sam Hanks, unknown spectator, and Dan Gurney.  

Shelby-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-9] November 1956. Carroll Shelby, in a favorite portrait epitomizing his look and manner during the heyday of his sports car 1950s when racing Ferraris and Maseratis in America, Territory of Hawaii, Cuba and Nassau, Bahamas. This was before his 1959 Aston Martin overall win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, before the advent of his Cobra and Daytona Coupes, before his Manufacturer’s Championships at Le Mans, and before all of the Shelby race and road cars that followed and are still going strong today in 2016. Portrait format images such as this one are printed 20 inches wide and 30 inches high.   

Beverly MA-MFM-Edgar Motorsport Archive

[CD-10] July 1956. The sports car road races start grid at Beverly, Massachusetts, with Jack McAfee seated in John Edgar’s 4-cylinder 3.5-liter #93 Ferrari 857 Sport s/n 0588 M, as Edgar Team chief mechanic Joe Landaker (cap) leans with one hand on the car’s tail-finned headrest. Volunteer Edgar crew member USAF Lieutenant Pete Vanlaw, red jacket, was on hand to experience the beginning of his own long and continuing involvement with sports car racing in America. 



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