I love to write articles about people in the automotive world, especially drivers gifted with lots of wit, talent, and style. Here are some of my “people stories” that, among a number of others, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing.

“Hobbs and the Bimmers” (quite right, it’s David!) in the August 2005 issue of Bimmer magazine. Click on: Hobbs and the Bimmers

“Mama Ruth” (yep, it’s Ruth Levy, now Ruth Levy Raymond) in the September 2005 issue of Excellence magazine (Note: #5 photo caption on page 86 suggests Ruth is driving the Porsche 550, but it’s actually Richie Ginther, not Ruthie (they were both driving the car that weekend); the picture itself appears on page 87). For this 7-page article, click on: Mama Ruth

“Sam Posey’s BMW days … and nights” from the August 2006 issue of Bimmer. Click on: Sam Posey’s BMW days … and nights

“Precisely Parnelli” (none other than Jones!) from Sports Car International magazine’s January 2007 issue. Click on: Precisely Parnelli

“Simply Legendary” about Hans-Joachim Stuck, my profile of the incomparable “Strietzel” published in June 2008’s Bimmer, Click on: Simply Legendary

“The Archeologist”  visits Ferrari historian & archivist Marcel Massini in Switzerland, and elsewhere, from Forza magazine’s April 2011 issue; click on: The Archeologist

“Sir Jackie Stewart – Speaking Out of the Box” is my extensive interview with 3-time Formula-1 World Drivers’ Champion and longtime friend, posted on-line in Sports Car Digest on February 10, 2012. Click on:

(About this “People” page’s banner photo, the folks are (left to right) Derek Hill, his mother and Phil’s widow Alma Hill, photographer Jesse Alexander, Parnelli Jones, Jim Hall, Denise McCluggage, and Dan Gurney on the microphone; I snapped this during a lighter moment of remembrance at the Tribute to Phil Hill and his 50th Anniversary of winning the Formula-1 World Drivers’ Championship, at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, November 10, 2011. For my 3-page Vintage Motorsport March/April 2012 issue “Tribute to Phil Hill” article on this special Petersen gathering, click on: Tribute to Phil Hill )

Philip Toll Hill, Jr.
April 20, 1927 – August 28, 2008
Phil, with wife Alma and son Derek, at his last motorsport event,
The Quail Motorsport Gathering, on August 15, 2008.
Always a friend, always eager to talk with others, always remembered for the unique gentleman he was.
Photo: William Edgar

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