William Edgar Photography has spanned sixty-one years, from my very first “professional” photo at the Palm Springs Road Races (Jim Kimberly’s Ferrari 166 parked next to a surplus WWII water wagon, shot with my  Kodak Brownie Reflex ) on April 1, 1951, to my most recent pro-pic at Infineon Raceway (Bud Moeller in his Ferrari F2003-GA on launch from his F1 Clienti pit box, shot with my digital Canon EOS 30D) on April 27, 2012.  How many pictures have I taken between those two dates, way back then and right now?  Kazillions!

Top: Jim Kimberly’s Ferrari 166 Barchetta s/n 0010M shot at Palm Springs on April 1, 1951.
Bottom: Bud Moeller’s Ferrari F2003-GA s/n 228 shot at Sonoma Raceway on April 27, 2012.
Photos William Edgar.

Of my many motorsport photo shoots, I particularly like the results from one I did during the 2009 Monterey Historic Automobile Races weekend sub-titled “A Preponderance of Porsches” (Porsche was the featured marque at Laguna Seca Raceway that year), a largely photo-feature that ran in the brilliant British on-line magazine, Classic Driver, that Editor-in-Chief Steve Wakefield and his CD staff put together to post each Friday morning throughout the year … and the weekly Classic Driver Newsletter is still going wonderfully strong in 2012.  To see my lens work from that vintage cars event three years ago, click on:

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