Vintage Garages

I occasionally contribute to Vintage Motorsport magazine’s long-running series “Great Vintage Garages” articles that takes the reader to outstanding car collections, many of which include private shops for maintaining certain cars in the collection that are vintage raced.

Wife and husband, Susan and Tom Armstrong, both collect and race cars from their vintage garage based in Issaquah, Washington.

So it is with Issaquah (the name means “Squawk Valley”), Washington’s Armstrong collection. Susan vintage races Corvettes; Tom contests his Lola T162.  Their eclectic road cars range, in part, from two Cords, a Ferrari and Jaguar to Lincoln Continental and Chrysler Town & Country, and are always ready for a ride or show, or both.  To meet the Armstrongs and read about this convivial pair of enthusiasts in a PDF of my 4-page Vintage Motorsport article published in the magazine’s Nov/Dec 2011 issue, click on: Armstrong Garage

[The backstory is, after three solid days of photography and recording interviews for other articles in my swing through the rainy Pacific Northwest, my wife Sharon flew up from California to join me for the Armstrong shoot and later one more article stop before our return to Santa Rosa. Sharon and Susan struck up an hour-long conversation while Tom showed me around their cars and then treated both Sharon and me to a demo of his awesome electric train set occupying an entire floor of their forest home. We hated to leave, but headed back to Seattle that night in our altra-cool media freebie supercharged Range Rover with a GPS that had us guessing every mile if we were lost. We weren’t, found our hotel, and next morning drove over to John Goodman’s garage. Oh! the Corvettes! And John’s race boats and race cars!  But that’s literally another story.]

John Goodman houses a huge Corvette collection, but also has a Shelby Cobra, Devin SS, Ferrari F1 and “Miss Budweiser” Unlimited Hydroplane that he pilots in lakes of the Pacific Northwest.

To read about John Goodman, his garage collection manager Walter Gerber and mechanic Michael Collins, from Vintage Motorsport magazine’s January/February 2012 issue, pull up the article’s PDF with a click on: Goodman Garage

(And there’s more on this page …)

“We got here!” That was after the Range Rover, a super(charged) car in its own right, refused to follow directions from the GPS nav screen that would have driven us straight into Puget Sound. But we knew better. Long live folding road maps!

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